Company Registration

Frequently asked questions concerning company registrations

1. Requirements

  1. Come up with at least three (3) exclusive company names for your business.

Why should we have three names?

  • For your company name to be used by the Registrar of Companies, it is first checked against a list of already registered companies to consider its exceptionality.
  • It is only business names which are not close or similar to registered or already existing companies are the ones which are used.
  • If all the company names you submit are not exclusive, the chances are one is required to repeat the process again until you have something exclusive.
  • Avoid using abbreviations in choosing the company names
  • Take note the company names you choose has an impact when branding your business in the future. Choose wisely.



2. Business physical & postal addresses.

  • Providing the place of your business operation for your company is a necessity.
  • In case you don’t have any place where you are operating, consider using your residential address temporarily.

3.      Director/Shareholder’s information

This information is mainly concerned with the company directors and shareholders

Personal information of directors’, Directors can be two or more (2-50people)

All director/member’s personal information should include:

  • First name & last name
  • National I.D number
  • Residential address

Include also the shareholding percentages that each director holds in the company. It is mainly expressed in % and must equal to hundred (100%) when added.